Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weaver's Needle

Two recovery specialists.
One murder.
A hunt for the Dutchman's Lost Gold Mine becomes a race of survival.

Former Army MP Landry Parker fell into the recovery specialist role quite by accident—to help her ailing father. Now that she’s on her own, she is determined to prove herself and honor her family legacy.

After being shot in the line of duty, former police officer Nickolai Baptiste became a recovery specialist, and he’s good at his job—maybe even the best.
A potential client pits Landry and Nickolai against one another to find the Dutchman’s Lost Gold Mine map that was stolen from her murdered husband, and the potential payday is too enticing to pass up. The trail takes them from New Orleans to Weaver’s Needle in Arizona where legend claims the mine is hidden. Landry and Nickolai are no strangers to adventure, but the unlikely partners quickly discover there’s someone after the treasure and there are those who want to ensure the lost mine in Arizona’s Superstition Mountain stays lost forever.

Can Landry and Nickolai work together despite their distrust of each other to save the legend before more innocent lives are lost? Will they find the real treasure isn’t the gold, but something more valuable. . .true love and understanding?

Robin Caroll has written another award winning book.  It started out a little slow but picked up as it went along.  The Dutchman's lost gold mine has been written about for years and many people have gone looking for the gold.  This book tells the tale of greed leading to murder.  Then murder attempts on the heroine and hero.  You'll have to read the book to see if they find the gold mine.   I highly recommend you read the book.

I was given Weaver's Needle by Netgalley for a honest review.  I was not compensated in anyway.

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