Friday, October 16, 2015

The Chrismas Joy Ride by Melody Carlson

I'm going on a mission, Miranda. I'm going out to spread some Christmas joy along Route 66. And no one is going to stop me."

"But you can't go driving across the entire country in the middle of winter and--"

"I can and I will," Joy declared stubbornly . . .

"I think it's a totally outrageous plan. I can't bear the thought of you being out there by yourself--and at your age too. I'll be scared sick about you being on the road . . ."

Joy had an idea, and she knew this was her chance. She had to give it one good try. "And that is exactly why I want you to come along with me, Miranda."

Joy is an almost 86 year woman who wants to drive her RV along Route 66 to spread Christmas cheer to those in need on her way to Phoenix to an assisted living facility near her sons.  Her sons think she is flying.  Miranda is Joy’s neighbor has been hit with hard times.  Her husband has walked out on her for another woman and she is about to lose her house to the bank.  She has no job and is about to lose her home.  Joy guilt trips Miranda to go with her to Phoenix. 

Joy has an unquenchable Christmas spirit which seemed to rub off on Miranda as the book progressed.  I found the book to be enjoyable. The concept of the book was really fun.  I did find the description of the Christmas decorating at the various places to be a little overdone.  I didn’t really care where the exact spot where all the decorations went.  The last stop for the Christmas Joy Ride was Marcus and his little girl Emily.  I figured out how it would end.  But I felt it was really rushed.  SPOILER ALERT: The feelings that Miranda and Marcus had for each other was very quick.  All in two days.  I would like to have had the book skip some of the decoration descriptive parts and spent more time on Miranda and Marcus. 

I would recommend this book for a quick Christmas time read.

I was given this book by the publisher for an honest review.  I was not compensated in any way.

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